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The Designation team love to create a masterpiece to showcase your brand and products at New Zealand’s dynamic range of exhibitions.We have a vast knowledge and experience in building aluminium display frames and structures including printed materials. Let us manage your design and build needs for any upcoming exhibition you have!

Our Display Framing system can be purchased or be hired for an event for and cost effective display build.

For advice or a consultation feel free to call on 09 44 33 051 or email:  sales@designation.co.nz

Exhibition display stands

Business exhibitions, conferences, promotion campaigns take place for one reason — entrepreneurs try to attract attention to their production and services. It is quite normal that the visitors and potential customers are interested in cooperation with serious, reliable companies, well-advertised and reputable.

There are many methods to draw attention to your business, exhibition display stands of any forms, shapes and sizes are offered by professional advertising agencies. There are many types of the exhibition display equipment:

  • Banner stands;
  • Display counters;
  • Poster frames;
  •  Pop-up display stands.

The modern display equipment is mobile, light, easy to install and disassemble. It can be placed on the floor, hanging from ceiling, wall-mountable. If you apply to real professionals, they are ready to do their best to offer you the signage which is to meet all of your requirements.

Thanks to utilization of modern materials, — such as chromed stainless steel tubes, aluminum profiles, polyester fabric, wire mesh, plastic, acryl and so on, — the express exhibition displays can be of various forms: linear, wave-bended, teardrop. Portable modular furniture is widely used to arrange your company’s pavilion or gazebo as quickly, as it is needed.

To demonstrate to your visitors the whole range of the services or products, take advantage of different accessories: business cards holders, brochure and technical literature stands, outdoor signage, footpath signs, iPod-holders, canvass boards.

Make your company’s image recognizable by thoroughly planning your marketing campaigns. Everyone can be tempted by low prices and to apply to signage producing enterprises, offering their low cost services, although the outcome may not be as successful as you want. So it is much better to entrust your advertising equipment designing and production to the professionals, who’ve confirmed their qualification. So don’t lose a chance, and get the best results out of the business exhibitions with the help of exhibition display stands and other equipment.